Every day I put my password in my computer and every day I type in my blog.  Well, almost every day.  We need a constancy to our lives, and that comes from God with the sunrise every day whether we see it or not.  There has to be routine for the human being whether he appreciates it or not, and on that he builds.

He builds his business, his social relationships, his prayer life and his relationship with his Creator.  I don’t mean his earthly father, but his ultimate Father, if he is aware of such.  We are aware of so little in this life.

I am aware of much of that, where my memory allows, and pray to always be aware of what I need and do.  May the Good Lord continue to help me.

Moment of Prayer

There are so many opportunities to do good.  For instance, the other day I called GallettAir, my appliance contractor, because I had no hot water, and the telephone operator made an appointment for tomorrow.  Then seeing an opening for today, she asked it that’s what I’d prefer.  Of course, you bet.  That helped me in a tough situation.

We  can help others at the drop of a coin, and often we don’t bother.  But it means big returns.  That’s just the way God rewards.  I said a little prayer for that operator who had my comfort at heart.  Hot water is a big thing in our lives.

Your’re reading this.  I’ve already said a prayer for you.  You’ll become aware of it some time in the future.


It makes sense to forgive your enemies when the alternative is to have them consume your days with worry and ailment.  Probably these are minimum conditions, but it’s hard to be a hero. 

I had a company (no names) soak me for $400 to revamp my computer, and they never fixed the minor item that caused me to go to them.  It is hard to forget that amount without making attempts to get it back.

Whether I get it back or not, it is little compared to eternal salvation.  (I have to keep reality in mind, not just the material.)  I’ve probably lost more than that before.

Festal Late August

Festal Late August

The Feast of St. Rocco, celebrated every year in Glen Cove, L.I. NY, brings to the public old-fashioned hospitality in the form of traditional Italian meals and carnival games (it is now over).  The secret is the chefs, the women of the parish, who prepare months ahead for the seatings at their temporary restaurant.

It is worth a king’s ransom to dine at this carnival, so watch for it every late August.  St. Rocco (Roque in Spanish) hears all sorts of prayers for which he intercedes with a most gracious Son of God for a full answer.  Be a participant

Our Era

Under the leadership of Western Civilization, sometimes referred to as Christian Civilization, from 1800 to 2020, the number of humans on Earth multiplied about nine times because there was more food through technologies such as genetic engineering and artificial fertilizers.  It was possible to house, clothe and feed people to keep up with soaring populations.  Total human consumption of energy (see Edison’s invention of the light bulb) increased about twenty-five times.

Yes, Jesus had bequeathed to people not only a more advanced civilization, but a more advanced social structure that made these things possible.  Genius needs an environment.

I am happy I had the schooling I did, and the parents and friends, for whom I thank God, for I prospered.