Best of Many

There are people who stop going to church because they are angry at God for taking a loved one.  I have found that when God visits a calamity on us, it is usually the best of many alternatives.   When we lost two of three wonderful sons, I was sad, but I accepted what I received.  Now that I see more clearly, I am grateful that the Almighty took to ending it in the best possible way.  Enough said.

There is no going into the motives and methods of the Lord.  He took 13.8 billion years to create man, and if that’s his choice, so be it.  What, is a mosquito like me going to stop going to church as a way of punishing God?

I don’t have it in for the French Philosophes, but there are some people, who through no fault of their own, came before me, perhaps hundreds of years, and who don’t have the advantages I do.  End of statement.                                                                

After November

Some people say the future looks bad for America: that BLM will divide the country, that Pres. Trump will become a dictator, or that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will capitalize on an ineffectual Biden and take us all to socialism.

I say, “Where’s your faith in God and the American people?”  Of course we’re human and fallible, but we have a substantial base that is not leftist, atheistic, or racist, and they are in the majority.  Sure, I see the people who are putting out false and malevolent propaganda, and I see a malevolent press, bent on ridding us of our president at all costs.  It’s not the free press it used to be, but you know what?  I think the majority of Americans see through the New York Times and the Washington Post.  We are a more self-reliant people than they think.

Self-reliance is a misnomer.  A truly independent person knows where his help lies, and it’s in honest people who are dependent on the Creator of it all.  I know better than to ascribe certain happenings to accident or chance.  I know who is responsible for the universe we inhabit.

The Accompaniments

If the Almighty proffers you a gift, don’t hurry to turn it down.  There was a Jewish maiden who was offered the motherhood of the son of God, and look where she ended up.  She stood almost alone on a windswept hill next to his crucified body (The Place of the Skull), but look at what Americans built for her in Washington, D.C.

It is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, with a central mosaic of the head of her son the size of one wall of the church, and people come from all over to see it.  It is one small accompaniment of that original offer.  Don’t underestimate the giver.

In 1962 I accepted the gift of a job in Levittown.  Today I am twenty-eight years retired, and I still have most of my marbles.

My 2nd Convert

Recentlly, I looked up St. Rudolph, and found out that the great legacy of his career was his charitableness, the great munificence of his life.  I like that.  That’s a great way to go.

So that’s my solution.  Recently I’ve been fighting off a lady in the neighborhood tooth and nail, all because I feel a consummate attraction for her.  I’m not winning.  I’ve decided to risk death and damnation by making her my second convert (she’s Episcopalian, and my mother was our first).  How’s that for a quick save?

Fortunately she’s discreet.  Her discretion is the highest I’ve ever encountered in a human being.  All these doings would come back to me with a vengeance, but for the guidance of the Spirit.  It works in others, too.  There’s something to be said for the spiritual life.


Sometimes when you’re working through a problem, heavy problem or everyday, you have a moment when everything falls into place.  That’s a moment of enlightenment.  That’s a moment of the Holy Spirit, whether you asked for it or not.  It was promised by Jesus to his followers (some in name only).  And it gives joy to so many people at that moment of enlightenment.

I was on the Internet, trying to make an appointment with Uber since I drive very seldom now.  I was having a terrible time.  Then suddenly, enlightenment!  I figured out what they meant by HH and had a reasonable idea of what they meant by MM.  I got the appointment.  I even opened an account.  You can bet your bipi I thanked Heaven.

Learning how to work with your brain is one of life’s challenges.  Here’s happy exploring to you!