Asking the Impossible

Sometimes you may have a good book in mind, but it’s hard to sell it to editors.  If it’s nonfiction, it may be too novel a format.  What to do about that?

Faced with an impossible situation, I usually resort to prayer, but the Lord may not like the idea.  I soon get the message.

It does not mean I stop praying.  I do change the topic.  I have to keep the writer happy.

Making a Big Decision

I hope both Putin and Biden are aware of what they’re playing with.  Before WW I, Churchill wrote about the “wave of madness which has swept the mind of Christendom.”  And Moltke (the German Chief of Staff) warned his government “The civilized states of Europe will begin to tear one another to pieces….”  Yet both Moltke and Churchill were prepared to risk that annihilation, given the diplomacy within which they made their decisions.

Do we think too much of ourselves and not enough about Jesus’ words?  What about, “He who would be the leader of all must first be the servant of all”?

Awesome Meaning

Jesus said some radical things during his life, but his heavenly Father made them turn out all right.  Some people walked away from him when he said the faithful should eat his body and drink his blood.

At the last supper his true meaning partially came out when he held bread in his hand and said, “This is my body.”  We are still trying to figure out the ramifications of that.

Whatever he meant, I receive it without question for he has done untold good for us humans.  A child, as he said, might take it better than I with my adult predispositions.  Heaven is that far beyond our ken.

The Big Time

I was recently queried by the alumni office what traditional activities we enjoyed at our high school, and I replied, the Holy Mass. Of course, you have to understand, I am now eighty-eight years old.

I am now more conscious of the things that really matter, and that is one of them.  No more basketball games, dances and parties.  I’m getting ready for the big time.  Join me.

A Mother’s Day to Remember

Just got back from a Mother’s Day dinner in which my son treated us for his mother and his wife, the mother of our granddaughter.  Not to be excluded is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the mother of my Redeemer.

Just call me Juan Diego, her acolyte, for I have a certificate that shows I lead a public rosary in conjunction with the America  Needs Fatima people, and I am proud of that certificate.

May her Son’s work continue under my watch.