All God’s Children

Today we stopped at a place on Newbridge Road called “I Am Nacho Mama.”  If you want to know how nachos, empanadas and tacos are made in Central America, this is probably the place. They’re tasty, but you won’t like them if you let them get cold.

They started out selling from a truck, then they bought the store, and now hire four or five people to help them.  They attract quite a crowd, from all walks of life.  This place looks like it’ll succeed.

I find it helpful to heat the nachos up in the oven.  I’m always helpful, I hope, to God’s diverse flock.

Making the Most of It

I was cooking the filet of sole as Loretta had asked me, and had peeked into the oven where she had two potatoes baking.  But do you  think it occurred  to me that all these items had to be done at the same time?

I was half way done with the sole when I thought, “When did she put those potatoes in?”  She was on the phone, so I told her the fish were done.  I tested the potatoes with a parer, and they didn’t feel soft like they should.  She told me to turn the oven up to 500˚ , so I did it.  It helped.

We had supper together.  She said nothing about the cool fish and the bad lemons.  What was good—the way I said grace.


I struggle now and then, usually when turning around, to keep my balance.  I’m talking about physically, not mentally, though that counts too.  The doctor said one more fall, and that’s it.  I can kiss the world good-bye.

 He prescribed physical therapy.  I am assiduous in following the routine, and hopefully it’ll pay off.  But the vagaries of the human mind make me a risk-taker, something that paid off in my basketball days, but that may be the end.

I’ve become very accepting of what the Lord lets come my way (Providence, not fate) and I am at peace.  I hope I can preserve that attitude, no matter what.

How To Endure

Getting used to the failings of old age is hard.  But there are certain compensations, such as the loyalty  of a lifelong partner.  When she decides you haven’t been eating enough eggs and makes you an omelet for lunch, that’s a peak for the day.  And then there are friends, in who’s day you are a light.  They brighten things too.

This mutual dependence willed by the Creator (why, for instance, this aptitude for conversation, for mutual joys, for an appreciated joke, for  happiness in a familiar face?) is a sign that we’ve got what none of the other animals have to this degree.  I say, enjoy it.

The Physics Route

I have a friend who is a Catholic priest.  I know him since we were boys, running the playground at St. Mary’s grammar school, and how our ways parted!  He went on to study at the Diocesan seminary, and I went on to Manhattan College to become a physicist.  But for me, the Lord had other plans.

I found out that if you’re partially color blind, you don’t go on to study to be a physicist (you can’t use the spectroscope) so I fell back on what I learned so well in the grammar school, the English language.  I became an English teacher.

I think when it comes time to cash in, he’ll get the bigger sum than I, but I made a good friend of the Lord’s mother, so she may let me in through the back door.