A Generation Like No Other

They were once the glory of the U.S. Catholic Schools, and the reason the U.S. could educate so many Catholics and Christians to make the U.S. Catholic School System the best parochial school system in the world.  People marveled that it was a first class competitor of the U.S. Public School System.    Who were they? They were the nuns and brothers who staffed these parochial schools.

They went their own way to God after Vatican II, the great change in the world-wide Catholic Church.  Most of them remained single, and many remained as public school teachers.  But they made a big impression on the U.S. population, and whether they were remembered with fondness or regret, they had taught millions of children to read and write and the basis of our Judeo-Christian morality.

I say hats off to that generation of teachers.  Their like will never be seen again, and they have affected our culture for the better.  America is something new, something great, because of them.


New venues are opening up to us right up to the last one, after death.  Eternal life sounds so thrilling to me, and as a university trained man, I have investigated its credibility, though I am not convinced it’s meant for everyone.  That depends on how you interpret the words of the Son of the Creator.  (You know, Big Bang and what follows.)

It is said you can know a man by what he does.  You might say you can know a creator by what he does.  Through the eons of cosmic mist in which the world and consciousness came into being, the last in man, a gradual awareness and appreciation dawned, especially in man.  Of all the tribes God picked the Hebrews (Not the Hopi, not the Zulus, and only lately the Romans).  Through the Hebrews He dealt with erring humankind, and finally sent them a Son.   Hence eternal life.

Words are symbols of what IS.  The Cosmo is, you are, life has a future.  I want that.

Teach ‘Em When They’re Ready

He was a boy when as a father I made my impressions on his life, but he returns them with gratitude.  I made most of my impressions as his scoutmaster, and now it’s my turn for gratitude.  I am an old fogey now, and he was at my apartmenet this morning to run some errands for us.  (My wife is incapacitated with a broken foot and I’m recovering from a fall.)

I hope every father wants to see his son grow up to be the man he is.  He’s generous and caring, not just to us, but to his wife, daughter, people we know, people he meets.  He’s the gentleman of Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Someone once asked him, what was the best thing you learned at the university? Now, mind you, he went to one of the best Eastern U.S. universities.  The questioner persisted: the most exciting thing?  Without batting an eye, he replied:

“The best things I learned were in scouts.”


Of course, prayer is useless unless you believe.  Part of its succor is that you are delegating your problems to a higher power.  The land of the nonbeliever is desert.  The believer prays beside a waterfall.

The person who says a rosary conscientiously spends about forty-five minutes in prayer—a long time when you consider the average person has about sixteen waking hours a day.  But for me it is time well-spent when I consider the results.

The results can be material or spiritual.  To a person alert to them, they can be astounding.  To see cancer go into remission with no warning, to see a person change her outlook, to see a baby arrive safely, all these results are not foreordained.  Do pray.

A Quantum of Eternity

I was watching the French Open final between Djocovic and Nadal.  How easy we have it if we have time to be concerned about games, whether tennis, soccer, baseball or football.  The children of Western Civilization have time to play!  Despite Covid 19, we still have games and gaming in us.  What a stunning creation is humankind!

So why all these hundreds of thousands of years of evolution?  Million of years if you count the lower ancestors.  If you’re creating from nothing, that’s what it takes.

Time is irrelevant to the Supreme Being.  It only matters to us, especially when our allotted years run out.  Yet, the followers of the Creator’s Son have a Quantum of years promised to them.