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The natural world is not the Western Civilized world.  I am talking about the Praying Mantis who turns and eats the head of her lover even while he is mounting her.  There’s the leopard who bites into the jugular of a baby antelope in her nest and puts the mother to flight.  Western Civilization, which of all the civilizations has been the most influenced by the Judeo-Christian values promulgated by Christ’s followers, looks somewhat askance at these primitive  happenings, allowing for their natural origins.  You may still see stonings in Pakistan, but then, that’s another civilization.

Youthful Failures

It has been said that unless we fail at some things, our life will be devoid of real learning. I was working at the sleepaway camp my father had sent me to, and watching a cabin of twelve six-year-olds one night. I was expecting a visit from another counselor to relieve the monotony of early night in the Adirondacks.

I had collected some empty beer cans from the camp commissary, and lined them up on the mantelpiece of the cabin fireplace. As a lark, I would pretend to be drunk when Dunne arrived.

I must have played the role convincingly, because Tom Dunne never spoke to me again, and it must have taken all his loyalty not to report me to the camp director. Sic transit gloria mundi. (So passes the glory of the world.)

Science and Faith

Can you believe in science, like the recent bringing of a dead pig’s brain to temporary life, and still hold true to the Christianity of the ages? Absolutely! Read my Evolution and the Bible and slay your atheist friends with your knowledge of what God has created!

It takes human reason some time to catch up with God’s reason (we’ll never do that in this life) but scientists have been forging ahead, though a good many of them think it’s a one-player game, with them the stars. But Einstein was humble before the awesome wonders of the universe, and he acknowledged that the Creator’s form of reasoning had him stumped. He called quantum entanglement “spooky action at a distance.”

We work with quantum principles in our computers, though nobody knows the why of these laws. We don’t know God’s modus operandi (method of working), yet Darwin gave us a peek at that.

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Apollo XIII

We see man’s walking on the moon as a high point of the growth of Western Civilization, but is the high point really something so material? What of the defeat of Soviet materialism in 1990? And what now of Chinese Communism, which wants to challenge US economic success? China is building economic centers in Belarus, trying to make inroads in the fringes of the West.

They are unaware of the West’s intellectual and immaterial foundation, it’s Judeo-Christian heritage, responsible for its development so far. We pray for a repeat victory, as in 1990, as we wait with bated breath.

Human Reason

Is there human reason, different from divine reason?  I’ve decided there must be.  Einstein died without ever solving quantum entanglement, what he called “spooky action at a distance.”  Nobody has solved it since.  This is the ability of two coordinated electrons, though separated by a thousand light years of space, to change instantaneously and simultaneously, never mind that the speed of light would take a thousand years to reach from one to the other to communicate the change.

Einstein himself said nothing can go faster than the speed of light.  So I put my ambition to go to my final rest in a rational or reasonable way aside, and defer to him Who Made It All with a single explosion.