That word signifies a law of the universe — the tendency of all things to decompose, to fall apart, to decay. Eventually, of course, it means the end of the universe itself. We get a glimpse of it in the fall (this is not just physics, it’s biology as well) amid the splendor of the dying maple leaves. It poses a question.

That question was articulated by Leonard Mlodinow, the physicist and screenwriter: “…if the natural tendency of the universe is disorder, then where does the order of life come from?” Einstein loved simple answers to complicated questions, and this one comes from a seven-year-old — “Isn’t God the author of life?” He designed life’s questions to be understandable to the simple. Why not everybody?

Sometimes when we consider the complexities of life, we wonder, what can the uneducated make of it? That may be why Einstein looked for the simplest answer.


I grew up on Long Island, but people still expected me to know how to ski !  That problem was solved when my cousin, Heidi, came to visit us and then immigrated.  She picked my two brothers’ and my first pair of skis at a ski shop in Great Neck, and took us Upstate and to Vermont on weekends.  From her we learned about the snow plow turn, and then the christie.

It was a whole new world, the lifts, the home town cafeterias, the bed-and-breakfasts where we stayed.  The ski instructors were mostly immigrants, too.   I didn’t get hurt ‘til we went skiing when I was in my sixties. 

I have fond memories of those days, and what a great country God has given us.  Heidi went out West, married a veteran, and raised a family of three children.

AI in Perspective

Artificial Intelligence will not tell you whom to marry, but if you feed it the right information, it will tell you who can best support you or who is best for raising children.  So where does that leave you?  It means you don’t worry about the things AI deals with: national budget, nuclear confrontations, the assimilation of immigrants, the prevailing of one party, etc.  It can be used to detriment as well as beneficence, and so is a tool, not an ally. 

The people who use it must still be trained in morality and the finer values of our civilization, and that is done through human contact, not machines.  Never negate human  hagiology.

Two at Sing-Sing

Two of my ex-students are at Sing-Sing.  What did I say, or what didn’t I say?  Of course, it’s presumptuous to think I, a teacher they had only one year, had anything to do with it.  Would that I could have prevented it.

In life, we often have a chance to influence someone greatly, and who’s to say we ever recognize that.  My youngest brother, as a teen-ager, loved to play basketball with us and I always told him, “Gather all the loose balls you can.”  In high school he grew to seven inches taller than I, and when the Boston College coach saw him in action, he signed him up for the first team.

Of course that’s a made up story, though the Boston College coach really did sign him up for the first team.  Height is important on a basketball team. But the fact that he got the rebounds meant something, too.


Cyberwarfare, (e.g. the shutting down of the electric grid) would no doubt precede a nuclear attack on the USA.  It does not only refer to computers, though stealing of secrets stored on them is part of it.  When we are up against a man devoid of moral strictures like Putin (Who was his mother? His father?) we’d best consult the Lord.  And we’d best be alert.  Could the Russians have voted for Biden?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) could be the reason for Putin’s crazy behavior.  It acts that way sometimes.  Anyway, we’re in a new age, but some old things are still valid.

Artificial Intelligence

So far I’ve passed the AI tests in my posts on Facebook, and none have been rejected.  Whether you know it or not, so have you.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps Facebook review all posts for any that would offend the network platform, another name for what it considers acceptable content.

I am revolutionary only in the spiritual area, in that I sometimes object to popular beliefs.  That’s not because they’re popular, but because they break the bounds of reason or goodness (morals).  So much for Fred the prophet.

AI is not frightening, it is interesting.  It will not cause a rebellion of robots as in science fiction.  The creator of AI, though, can be frightening—he’s human.  Yes,  we do have a choice—to be murderers or saviors.