That word signifies a law of the universe — the tendency of all things to decompose, to fall apart, to decay. Eventually, of course, it means the end of the universe itself. We get a glimpse of it in the fall (this is not just physics, it’s biology as well) amid the splendor of the dying maple leaves. It poses a question.

That question was articulated by Leonard Mlodinow, the physicist and screenwriter: “…if the natural tendency of the universe is disorder, then where does the order of life come from?” Einstein loved simple answers to complicated questions, and this one comes from a seven-year-old — “Isn’t God the author of life?” He designed life’s questions to be understandable to the simple. Why not everybody?

Sometimes when we consider the complexities of life, we wonder, what can the uneducated make of it? That may be why Einstein looked for the simplest answer.

The Past Presidency

I acknowledge that Donald Trump has done wrong, even sinned, but I feel the sufferings of the Redeemer enable him to save his soul.  I dreamed last night that EMT’s were working on a drowning man just pulled from a pool, and the lifeguard who pulled him out was approaching.  He had the flowing hair of Donald Trump.  The EMT’s let him apply the usual mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and he saved the man who went by the name USA.

The dream was to me somewhat symbolic, but it helped me understand what has transpired in this country within the past twelve months.  I don’t think everybody sees this. 

Be it as it may, I don’t question the hand of God in guiding this country.  We’ve done wrong, but I hope those who pray are enough to be heard.

St. Francis

He was so assured of his salvation that he renounced all riches and became the most famous saint of the Middle Ages.  Unlike Martin Luther, he had few doubts about getting into heaven.  His confrontation with the world was pure joy.  His name was Francesco Bernardone, known to us as St. Francis of Assisi.

He practiced severe asceticism, but forbade it to his followers, not wanting to inflict it on others.  He is said to have made friends with a wolf, and the birds sang with him.  To him, all Nature sang the praises of its Creator, and he composed The Canticle of the Sun.

I have asked him for advice, as I believe the Communion of Saints warrants it, even for a sinner like me.  The answer I got was most satisfactory.  I invite you to do the same.


While we in the Catholic Church have endured a grave sin (pedophilia) we have also been granted a great satisfaction, that of seeing a country lifted from the shame of abortion as a national pastime.  People of real moral stature accomplished the latter, and gave our consciences some peace.

There are many hidden knights and damsels who pray and live upright lives in this country, and no doubt they have been heard.  They walk among us unrecognized, because you don’t let the world know that you pray.

Do you endure the spiritual (and mental) challenge of the rosary?  Or do you quietly withdraw and address God, the Father, or Jesus Christ?  Either way, you are a true human being.

Clarence Thomas, Hero

John was a practicing lawyer, but he spent time culled from his practice to fight the evils of abortion.  His heroic efforts were rewarded last Friday, when the Supreme Court declared that the Constitution did not support that sin.

Also vindicated was Justice Clarence Thomas whom the vituperative Left had maligned for his steady conscientiousness.  There were many heroes who felt the nation’s yoke of abortion, and risked life and success to lift it.  May God grant them their eternal rewards, unrecognized in the here and now.

Happy Choice

At last we are a kind and Christian nation, who take care of their children and don’t murder at birth.  The States can negate that, but then, we all have the choice and still do—good or evil.  Evil for rewards in this world, good for rewards in the next.

The people of choice still have the eternal choice of good or evil, and either way, they’ll have to live with it whether they choose temporary or eternal life.  We have enough assets in this life to make the choice a no-brainer weighed against eternal happiness.  I’m with you, Christus.