That word signifies a law of the universe — the tendency of all things to decompose, to fall apart, to decay. Eventually, of course, it means the end of the universe itself. We get a glimpse of it in the fall (this is not just physics, it’s biology as well) amid the splendor of the dying maple leaves. It poses a question.

That question was articulated by Leonard Mlodinow, the physicist and screenwriter: “…if the natural tendency of the universe is disorder, then where does the order of life come from?” Einstein loved simple answers to complicated questions, and this one comes from a seven-year-old — “Isn’t God the author of life?” He designed life’s questions to be understandable to the simple. Why not everybody?

Sometimes when we consider the complexities of life, we wonder, what can the uneducated make of it? That may be why Einstein looked for the simplest answer.

Western Civilization

What a feat!  To bring the everyday transactions to a point where even an atheist would trust me to buy a song card because I said I needed it for a Covid 19 patient.  Of course it’s a scam, but the trust generated by Christian altruism goes on.  We need some paranoia to balance that trust.

Everything serves a purpose in this world.  It is perfectly made for its purpose: to bring as many people as possible to eternal happiness.  I don’t mind people calling me paranoid as long as I don’t fall for a scam that appeals to my generosity.

I like to feel I am mentally balanced.  I think I am suspicious enough to prevent falling for a Covid scam or the like.  Hackers, beware.

I Was Hacked

I was hacked.  Optimum had failed to notify me that they no longer secured my PC with McAfee gratis, and the hackers went to town.  Well, it was all of Wednesday, the recovery, that is.  I am now sending my email from Firefox, my new browser.

We need some little people to bring these corporate giants down to size.  The damage was not that bad, but it could have been worse.  I still don’t know if they have my credit card.

During this whole ordeal I invoked the Holy Spirit, that aspect of God that is such a good friend to my intellect.  Did I ever get through perilous waters so quickly?  Did I ever (yes, I did) triumph over so much bad luck?

Jesus Christ, Superstar

Surely Andrew Lloyd Webber, the author of the above musical and Evita, deserves to be mentioned with the same breath as Rogers and Hammerstein.  I’m sorry I missed Jesus Christ Superstar, but I will always remember the haunting “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.” A writer for the dying New York Times brought this song out in relation to our President, Donald Trump.  He’s a bit of an actor, don’t you think?

I don’t know how this President could have endured as much approbation and insult as he did.  Surely, unlike Biden, he’s made of steel.  I did see Evita, and was impressed by the artistry of Andrew Lloyd Webber.  If he lives long enough, he may write a musical named Trump.  It’ll be a tear-jerker, that’s for sure.  We humans are not devoid of feeling.

Suffering touches the human (and I emphasize human) heart.  There are some among us who have little feeling, some about whom you can wonder how they grew up.  Maybe suffering does purify the heart.  Like gold, we have to undergo fire to reach perfection.

Modern Living

I got Student Office, and paid for it twice, because the first time I cancelled it when I didn’t realize I’d gotten it (to Save, the files). Now I have to put up with all kinds of weird things in my text – double lines, things I don’t want.  It’s all part of owning a PC.

But the payoff is I get to write a blog, and publish it.  There is something about modern technology that’s amazing, if you get it right.  I love to compose for my fans.  She (or he) reads my blog every day.  It’s great to feel accepted.

The good Lord has given me this gift in my old age – a PC.  And now my blessed son got me an iPhone!  I mean, how much technology can a man who was raised with a ballpoint and paper put up with?  I’ll revert to the meadows and the wild flowers, and the oaks, maples and natural springs.

Finishing Up

Maria Shriver said it, and I think she’s right: “There are more people moving us forward than there are sowing division.  I surround myself with people who have faith.”

Among the people I know is a woman in her seventies who used a free airline ticket to go to Calcutta to work with the followers of Mother Therese.  It wasn’t easy adapting to the lifestyles of the nuns who make up her order, but they treated her with utmost respect, especially because of her age.  (The lifespan of an Indian woman is about sixty-seven.)

Of course she couldn’t stay too long (several months) but it was the kind of thing a woman would like to do to finish up her life.  I, however,  believe there are enough adverse circumstances right here for me to offer up to God, as Our Lady of Fatima requested.=