Humble People

A friend, Vic Varrichio, sent me a notice about cattle guards in Canada.  These are horizontal steel staves over which cattle will not step, and are put at fence openings to keep cattle in.  A Canadian government minister who received a report that there were too many of them in rural Canada, replied, “Fire them.”

That kind of generalized thinking occurred when Nancy Pelosi insisted she was a devout Catholic, and it took an Archbishop to straighten her out.  The devout Catholic who kneels in church knew this already—he can make that judgment reading the newspapers.  A humble person needs no columnist to tell him what to think.

Chivalry and Oats

I once met a priest, Fr. Pote, who told me a story of chivalry and oats.  Yes, it seems that in medieval times horses were not strong enough to carry armor.  When the knights started feeding them oats, the horses became stronger than grass-fed horses, and the armored, mounted knight was born.

It made a big difference in warfare, and a big difference in the code of chivalry.  Men were now capable of aiding damsels in distress.  So it aided our worse and our better nature.

Of course the Code of Chivalry was an expression of the Judeo-Christian precepts to aid the weak and defenseless, such as orphans and widows, but it took on a romantic phase.  It was certainly still to the benefit of humankind.

Toward True Success

Six St. John’s alumni made Team USA in the Olympics, most of them on the saber and epee fencing teams.  I am anxious to see if St. John’s is among the winners.  That would be a grand moment for me.  It’s been some time since the St. John’s basketball team garnered all the laudatory headlines on the sports page, so this is a welcome return.

I wish all the athletes well.  Playing on the team and attending classes at a top Catholic University is accomplishment enough, and may they all meet with true success in life.  It’s not always who makes the most money.

To all the Olympic athletes: may they find the true success of life.

A Father in Deed

It’s a way past Father’s Day but I still remember the day fondly.  My wife personally thanked me for being a good father to our three boys, and my youngest son and his family came to see us.

I only need to read the New Testament to see a son in action.  He was so good that the Father raised him from the dead.  The Son inspired twelve men to go out into the world to spread His message.

What did they accomplish?  They, almost all fishermen, gave us the Western Civilization we have today, a generous civilization that tolerates a lot of emotive and selfish activity.  But in the end, we do know, the Father is Love.

Pulling Off a Coup

It was with the help of the Holy Spirit that I was able to pull off the coup of calling in an independent air-conditioning technician to assess my neighbor’s failing machine.  The GallettAir plumber had left the situation up to someone who’d open the sheet rock ceiling to look for a leaking water pipe.  Well, my Abalene technician did that and more; he investigated the interior of the neighbor’s leaking air-conditioner, and found the leak!

The rest is up to the insurance companies.  But it goes to show the advisability of seeking supernatural help.  I’m a practical man, and not overly religious, but I know when I’m strapped.

A man has to know his limitations, and where to go for help.  That’s exactly what I did.