Shopping Experience

We went shopping, and as I was self-checking out, the machine became impatient and said, “Help is on the way.”  I knew that meant I’d have to wait, but an attendant who was usually not so friendly stepped in and corrected the machine.  Sometimes God helps us when we least expect it.

I love the surprises in life.  They make it more exciting.  I can’t count the times I’ve been surprised.

Keep them coming, Lord, lest I become depressed once more.

Work for What?

I got my wife to drive me to the Town of Oyster Bay dump to dispose of an electric coffee maker and a toaster.  If I threw them in the garbage they would just provide landfill, but this way they provided some reusable electric parts like the coil.  That would make someone happy.

I don’t really know what they do with the electrical refuse they collect, but it must be worth something, otherwise why collect it?  There are so many things for which we don’t know the reason.

As my friend Armand would say, “Look for the money.”  They probably sell it.  I look for an eternal reason—in prayer or good deeds.

Fission and Fusion

Fission and Fusion, are two atomic activities that humankind hopes to implement.  Fission on a small scale is simply radioactivity, and on a large scale it is an atomic explosion.  Fusion, on the other hand, is sort of the opposite.

It happens in the sun, and produces unheard of and almost immeasurable heat.

Humankind can produce it, but since the heat is so great, it melts any container that holds it.  Science proposes to suspend from magnets any elements undergoing fusion.

You didn’t know how awesome the origin of that cute sunbeam was?

Basis of the Material

Back when we were talking about the Higgs boson, I remarked that it was close to being on the border line between the material and non-material or spiritual.  I now found Lothar Schafer of the University of Arkansas Chemistry Department who agrees with me.  In a paper he says: “…we find that the order of the world is based on non-material principles.  The basis of the material world is non-material.”

How else would God, a spiritual being, make material things?  Quantum Mechanics gets close to the non-material, but the borderline has not yet been reached.  Give it time.

Waves in an electronic field are a start to the material, and we can no doubt take it from there.

Walk an Extra Mile

We have an aide during the day since both Loretta and I are on walkers.  I gave her a paid afternoon off on Sunday, and that emboldened her to ask for Thursday afternoon off too.  I said yes, but she’d forfeit her tip.  She took it.

I try to be fair, but I don’t like being taken advantage of.  But the words of the Lord are precious: when he says give away your cloak even after you’ve given away your shirt, I take that for a command.

Admittedly I don’t always understand what he means; times have changed.  But I do my best.  May the Holy Spirit guide me.