This is a letter to one of my former students, a female, who got pregnant in high school, was fortunate to marry someone who would also take care of her child, and was then divorced for being unfaithful.


You are thirty-five now, and ripe to realize that sex lasts for about ten minutes in humans (a few seconds for robins), but friendships last a lifetime or longer.  So do First Holy Communions, most weddings (60%), and the love of a child that is given good example.  Even the love of a pet lasts a few years.  Isn’t it time you opted for the more lasting pleasures and satisfactions?

If I had a chance to live eternally, pain free (and I do), believe me, I’d take it and sacrifice whatever I had to in order to attain that.  What would you say if I made you such an offer? You’ve certainly had such chances before.

Your former teacher,

Fred VB