Dealing with Different People

Thank God we’re not all the same. Loretta and I raised three sons, all different individuals. They were different in what I refer to as the nervous system, but maybe it was just in the way of thinking. The last of the three turned out to be the apex of what are three great men — I would be proud to leave this life having accomplished what the three of them did. I mean just any one of them.

The third one has a way to go yet, but what he’s done so far is to me fantastic. I have to respect his privacy. So let me write about the first, a research chemist whose name is in the U.S. Patent office in association with the drug that enables sick people to live with a donated organ. The second not only climbed the face of the Half-Dome (much higher than El Capitan) in Yosemite, but became a professor of English in New Jersey’s Paterson University. These are, however, temporal accomplishments. Only God knows what they accomplished eternally.

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