Science and Faith

Can you believe in science, like the recent bringing of a dead pig’s brain to temporary life, and still hold true to the Christianity of the ages? Absolutely! Read my Evolution and the Bible and slay your atheist friends with your knowledge of what God has created!

It takes human reason some time to catch up with God’s reason (we’ll never do that in this life) but scientists have been forging ahead, though a good many of them think it’s a one-player game, with them the stars. But Einstein was humble before the awesome wonders of the universe, and he acknowledged that the Creator’s form of reasoning had him stumped. He called quantum entanglement “spooky action at a distance.”

We work with quantum principles in our computers, though nobody knows the why of these laws. We don’t know God’s modus operandi (method of working), yet Darwin gave us a peek at that.

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