Pure Socialism

When Toussaint L’Ouverture took over the slave revolt in Haiti in 1791, they won, and the white, French plantation owners who survived fled back to France, which was having its own rebellious troubles.  Be that as it may, the victors actually did what the communists we know only talk about doing, share the spoils equally. To do this, the Communists under Lenin established the dictatorship of the proletariat — no freedom there.  But the slaves of Haiti definitely wanted to stay free, and they preceded Karl Marx and Lenin by approximately 100 years.

Everybody would get a fair share, and nobody was to be richer than his neighbor.  That is almost true of Haiti today, Catholic Communism, but who would want to be as poor as the average Haitian?  If you are from a communist country, or at least one that has sneakily permitted select capitalist procedures, you want no part of Catholic Communism.

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