Western Civilization — Triumph and a Failure

Today, 9/6/19,  marks the beginning of a triumph in the third world, and a lapse for Western Civilization.  In the country of India, their Western-trained scientists and engineers landed a moonshot, the fourth country in the world to do so.  The benefit to the world will be more information about the moon and tangential knowledge like the powdered orange juice from one of the American moon probes.

            But in Africa, Zimbabwe, people mourned or celebrated the death of Robert Mugabe, the dictator who took over after England’s colonial stay in that country.  Both of these events are a copying of Western Civilization’s leadership, the one in India a proud feat learned from the West, the one in Africa a despotic financial catastrophe, where Robert Mugabe learned the wrong things from his successful forerunner, Britain, to feed his greed for power and wealth to the bankruptcy of his people and nation.

            Western Civilization has itself not always adhered to the precepts of its teacher, Jesus Christ, but it has done so enough to become the world’s foremost civilization, and though human diligence and human frailty contributed to the two aforementioned opposite results, we’d still best learn and profit from this fresh history.

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