Outdo God?

Did you ever try to outdo God in generosity?  You give away all your money, and then when you’ve failed, loved ones support you and cover for your misfortune.  It’s called the community of saints, and some of us have the good fortune to live in such a community.

I don’t advise seeing if that works, but I do believe if I try to give away all my money for God, He’s already given me more than that.  I mean, who can put a price on life?…on an American public school education?…on an American Catholic school education?…on parents who stay with you?

I’m not saying don’t give away your money for God.  Mother Therese, Edith Stein, Padre Pio and countless others have already done this.  And it worked!  The point is, following Christ’s admonitions can be the road to personal  success.  But you have to believe in eternal rewards.

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