With God’s Help

Somwhere in the Bible it says that unless the Lord watches with the watchman, the watchman watches in vain. Well, the Lord was with Tobias when, alone, he raised his daughter to adulthood, and she pleased all who observed her not just as a maiden, but as a married mother.

She could have gone wrong many ways, for she was beautiful and lively, a temptation for many a man to lead her astray. But she would have none of that. She had, under her dad’s guidance, developed a strong sense of self, and in the end she knew she had dignity and character. She would not let that be despoiled.

She now has a handsome son, to whom she devotes time once spent on a cherished puppy and various side interests. She not only spends her time, with her husband, keeping her nuclear family healthy and happy, but is a great help to her extended family, keeping her uncles and in-law aunts under benevolent surveillance. This woman gets the Tobias Award for taking advantage of what she was given.

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