Swiss Cheese Fondue

From what was once a goatherd’s concoction of Gruyere cheese melted in white wine, Loretta and I occasionally enjoy cheese fondue. We usually do it privately, lest friends consider the communal pot as unsanitary. I say occasionally because the doctors told me to stay away from cheese if I don’t want another quadruple bypass operation, so it’s one of those things we can enjoy once in a great while.

At one time, in my younger days, I made it from scratch, from an uncle’s recipe, but supermarkets sell it imported, ready-made, so all I have to do is melt it. I usually buy a French baguette, cut it up into one-inch cubes, and away we go. The gifts bestowed on America by God include this festive delight, and I am most happy to share this knowledge with you.

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