Original Sin

In times past, humans referred to original sin as a tendency in all humans to do evil. Knowing what we do now through evolution about our descent through the “swamp,” this makes sense. Animals don’t distinguish between good and evil, though they might understand what pleases their master and what doesn’t. Having come up through the animal kingdom, we do have a tendency to do anything, whether it is good or evil.

To be sinless was achieved by one man, Jesus Christ, and through him, by his mother, Mary, which is what many Christians denote by the term, Immaculate Conception. I’m not going to split hairs over the terminology, but suffice it to say, that is why I pray to Jesus Christ, often through Mary, a person muy sympatico.

And so I make my way through life. Yes, I have goals and I think by achieving them, though I may have already failed at some now and in the past, I’m making sense out of my existence. Sure, I was born with original sin already ingrained in my persona or soul, but those medieval theologians in the past, and I, now, feel that I was baptized into a Twenty-first Century existence.

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