Ancient Book

The Book of Sirach, (recognized by Catholics) was written about 100 B.C. and recommends to sons and daughters that respect for their parents brings with it a long life, children, and happiness. I wish I had read from it to Paul, but we parents are a fallible lot.

Paul had other assets, such as the drive to get a post-graduate degree on his own. But sometimes a father has some help in the form of advice, which helps when experience is lacking. We need all the help we can get to succeed, and I wish that I wouldn’t consider the feelings of a parent too important.

Freddy, on the other hand, somehow made that leap to empathy, and generous, kind thoughts abound in him. I ask, “Where did that come from?” I am so glad I live in Western Civilization which so abounds in wise, kind sayings that we don’t need to re-educate the Islamic youth like the Chinese–Muslims have the source right here. But what Islamic parent will recognize it?

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