Fountains Abbey

I’m sure that’s not the original name of the beautiful ruined abbey in North Yorkshire, England. I mean before Henry VIII’s lust caused him to break with the Church and suppress all the monasteries, convents and abbeys in England. Thomas More was the only one to stand up to him, and England lost its chance to become the leading nation in Western Civilization.

Sic transit gloria mundi, thus passes the glory of the world, the Romans would say. All is forgiven, but the damage remains. Just look at the glorious arches, painfully constructed in 1132, still glowing in the e’en light. We all wreak havoc when we are misguided, and though all is forgiven, the damage remains.

Comes the day of my dissolution, I pray that I don’t leave a legacy like that. Let me rather undo the harm that somebody else has done. That’s a more constructive use of my time.

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