The Right Moment

It’s not complicated, but there’s a right moment to do things. For some things we have hours, or days, or weeks. The window may even be a month, even a year. The apple may be ripe for picking for a week. The child may be ready to read for several years. The young lady is ready for marriage years ahead or after the first opportunity. But it’s not a must. The apple doesn’t have to be picked.

Then there’s the exception. Did you ever wonder why the farthest known star is billions of light years away, through millions of solar systems and more than that number of livable planets, just to impress these human beings? How else will they learn they have thousands of opportunities? Some outside the regular ones? But who’d ever recognize all his opportunities?

Your world was made for you. You don’t have a billion opportunities, but the choice can seem like it. You work with what you have, and your good decisions will reward you in your old age. You learn to function on terra firma.

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