Physical Therapy

As we get older, some muscles become so underused they rebel. And that’s when we have to exercise them lest we become what they call basket cases. I can’t recall why I needed such therapy the last time (that means it was very effective), but I do recall the two guys who were the trainers. They had a successful business going, but just couldn’t get along with each other. They went out of business.

We ought to be grateful to someone who gave Western Civilization a basic course in getting along with each other. Why do you think we’ve outstripped civilizations like the Islamic? You think the English and the Irish are such good talkers? You think the Italians, the Spanish and the French are people of heart? You think the Germans and Austrians love to sing in the beer garden? You think the Poles and Lithuanians are devoted church goers? Come on, some of them may be fooled, but most got that basic course right.

The Wright brothers knew more than aerodynamics; they had friends who made the move from Dayton, Ohio, to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina easy. There were no people there who shut them out with vengeance. It was a kingdom come.

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