Cosmos Alive

A quantum field is the area where vibrations known as atoms arise to give us the matter which makes our coffee cups and milk and sugar. Cosmologist Brian Swimme, in his book, Hidden Heart of the Cosmos, says the whole cosmos, in this 21st Century, has come to be regarded as a cosmic field in which human lives arise and then drop back into anonymity, drop back into the abyss.

This is the purely scientific view–there is no mention as to what happens after that. Western Civilization has gone, for about two thousand years, on the assumption that some of those lives will keep on living, with wondrous results for those who are still here. That simple assumption alone has made that civilization the foremost in the world, as the communist and pagan civilizations watched with awe.

For further answers about this business of the cosmos being alive, or something akin to what we know as a living entity, you’ll have to ask the author of the universe, who has made himself known since the time of Moses.

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