Who Makes Sense of Life?

That’s certainly not I.  If you don’t believe in a supernatural being, look at what God, the Father, made of the life of his purported Son.  Not only did four expert authors write up his life (not one, but four!) in the Four Gospels, but those biographies were spread throughout the Middle East by a ball of fire called Paul.  No human could have set that up.

And St. Paul even took it to Rome, from where it spread throughout Europe, and from there the world.  Who has not heard of Christ?  Even the lost tribes of the Amazon have heard from (and killed) messengers of the Gospels.

Truth be told, I wish the Holy Spirit would make sense of my life.  You might say I’ve tried, in a fallible human way.  But whether or not I made that grade as a teacher is too early to say.

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