Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia

Those three children, the oldest no more than ten, impressed me, an eighty-six year old teacher who taught children his whole adult life. They were the three visionaries of Fatima, who stuck to their story despite the horrible threats against them (You’ll be boiled in oil till you recant). The communists of Portugal would not stand for the communist message to be slighted on the same day, Oct. 13, 1917, that atheistic Communism had its triumph in Moscow as it took power. Where is that power today?

Yes, those three children withstood the greatest threat to Western Civilization since the Crusades, standing there in their bare feet in the grass on the mountain of Fatima. People now speak with more reverence of them than of Stalin, Lenin, and Marx.

I love the surprises and pleasant upsets of this world, the tables turned. Don’t tell me life is boring!

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