Pres. Trump

The Democrats, and some Republicans, against Pres. Trump criticize mainly his speech, his vocabulary and manner of talking. When you speak to me, realize your audience. I am a male of the species, and to me, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. You don’t have to compare me to my more primitive ancestors and call me an alpha male, but be conscious of the modern, Judeo-Christian male of Western Civilization.

Trump a racist? You are apparently unaware that he has done more for blacks (not ego-wise, like his two-term, one-time forerunner, Pres. Obama) in the way of employment and a place in society. That includes the reservation of jobs for Americans by the protection of our borders.

As I implied, I can put up with overuse of the word “fantastic,” and a tendency to brag. But he’s serving us, the people, and that’s where I like to see deeds, effort, action. And I have.

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