Years to Build Up

I rely on a mental outlook toward the coronavirus that took years to build up, a mood that is deep-rooted but also quite fragile. I do protect it. It is susceptible to things like the latest propaganda push of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party): they want you to call COVID 19 “The Trump Virus.”

But there is something in me that resists propaganda. Tell me its source, and I can take it in stride. It took me years to grow up, and I won’t discard them now. It was in the seed beds of Manhasset, in the Schools of St. Mary, with great parents. I reap the benefits now; I need to stay faithful to those ideas, though.

Some call it chance, I call it providence; so you see, I am grateful to a superior power for the gifts of my life and upbringing. I depend on that to carry me through. Otherwise, I’ll ask for it this time.

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