A Mind Affected by COVID 19

Saturday morning I get the weekend newspapers, and was surprised after reading some of them that I was depressed. I’ve had enough of that in life, and so immediately I turned my mind to other things: prayer, writing, lunch. It worked. I realized that fortunately my world was not all COVID 19, and since I’ve been spared, I’ll tend to the joyful things of life.

That’s not easy. My wife automatically objects to my instinctive charity giving; and naturally she would. After all I’m on a limited pension and I act as though I’m still the son of a wealthy family. Loretta has first-hand knowledge of the realities of life, and happily for me, I listen to her.

Lenten giving is over, and I am content with what the good Lord has allotted to us. I have had three beautiful human beings in my charge, beside my wife, and one has been blessed by God with a perceptive mind and a wonderful wife and daughter. I have had over a thousand children in my care, and I love them all — even the ones in Sing-Sing (a penitentiary).

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