Friendly People

They are a type of people common to Western Civilization, people whom you are glad you knew when it’s all over. When Freddy was about five years old, he went across the street where the neighbor and his family were in their driveway, celebrating a family event. He was welcomed and offered a piece of candy known in those days as a lifesaver. He accepted it and put it in his mouth.

Now Freddy was not accustomed to hard candy; he had frugal parents. What do you know, but the lifesaver became lodged in his throat, and he began to choke? Slaps on his back were to no avail. The neighbor was a man of action. He seated Freddy on the driveway, grabbed him by his ankles and picked him up and shook him like emptying a coal sack. The lifesaver popped out of Freddy’s mouth.

I had been out in my backyard taking pictures with a camera when Freddy came home, told me the story, and showed my the cherry red lifesaver cupped in his hand. I was so relieved at the outcome of what could have been for us a catastrophic moment. Thank God for that neighbor.

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