With COVID-19 still rampant, many people thought the final days predicted by Jesus Christ had finally come, but that’s presumption.  They won’t be here until you see it for sure.

But I’m ready for them.  I want to see some vindication of faith.  I don’t really need that because I have lived almost my whole life among people who never questioned my beliefs, with the exception of a brief interlude among the political, at Boys’ State, sponsored close to my graduation from high school by the American Legion.  That was a long time ago, but I still remember one boy’s sarcastic question: “You still believe in Santa Claus?”

Yet I know the thrill of vindication already.  There were those who questioned my becoming an English teacher, without a surname like Shakespeare.  Well, I showed them by authoring eleven books, novels, nonfiction books on science and faith, and a how-to book, publishing some of them myself, and marketing some of them.  They’re all on Amazon, the world’s biggest book store, and publisher of some of my books.

The feeling of vindication is good.  I hope you have it on the final day.

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