The Gift Outright

They’re about a quarter inch longer every day, and still a shade of light, sunshine green, chartreuse if you will, and only ten days ago they were buds.  They are slightly different every year; a year ago they looked as if the tree, a red oak, were dying.    But this is God’s gift, known in common parlance as spring, to us mortals, about this time of year.

It happened so fast.  Nature, known for its time consuming growth, is sometimes so fast.  The newborn colt, known as a foal, is on its feet while it is still wet from its birth, and galloping around the corral the next day.  The baby robin is through accompanying a parent on the turf in a matter of days, and is sticking its yellow beak in the dirt for worms.  Who taught them?  Who made the curriculum?  Don’t talk to me about a roll of the dice!

Do you see what I mean by a gift?  Are you enjoying this with me?

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