Science vs. Faith

Christof Koch.  He was a scientist, once a Catholic, working on consciousness.  Then, he said, he was overcome by science, and dropped his faith.  What a mistake!  To let something so dependent on human reason make you drop and lose a gem worth so much!

Science depends exclusively on human reasoning, and now, we’ve found out, the universe is not dependent on human reasoning!  We’ve found QM (Quantum Mechanics) which makes our human reasoning look like child’s play.  We have to grope our way through it, learning as we go.  One stunning word we use is “entanglement.”  That describes what it does to our brains, figuratively.

What is wrong with a brain that cannot see into the universe beyond its own reasoning power?  Don’t those people see what I see, a Father who decorated his halls with all kinds of living things, and things we suspect of having consciousness?  Don’t they know, if it goes it got a push somewhere?

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