We all have to make adjustments to things that happen to us without our participation.  One of these things is the fairly recent slavery of the blacks.  I am not black, but I no doubt have ancestors much further back in history who were made slaves by Caesar.  They had to get over it.  Eventually, they had the help of Christianity, brought from across the Channel by Irish monks.

What were we going to do, with these monks talking about a man who said, “Love your enemies”?  Today, the descendants of the Helvetians get along fine with the descendants of the Romans.  I have cousins who married men with names like Ferrari and Fumagalli.

The point I’m making is that you make sure your sense of justice is not a sense of revenge.  Revenge is not a feeling encouraged by Christ.  I was taught revenge was wrong from the time I went to school, and I’m glad somebody taught me the Way of Jesus.

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