Racism Plus

I have been called a racist by a relative who took offense at my criticism of Pres. Obama, he little knowing that I started my work among the blacks in my college days when I gave up one summer to go to Kingstree, in one of the Carolinas, to teach young black children their catechism.  I sat with them in the garden, and we tried a stint at memorization.  I also indulged in explanation and possibly reasoning—after all, I was a college student.

My work continued teaching high school, with one year of unknown effects, and in Montessori School, where my efforts produced excellent results for years.   I regret that George Floyd died, and that civility died as a result.  A black police chief was killed by looters, and added to the chaos was criticism of a President’s efforts to stop the mayhem with Federal troops.  Were people blind to the presence of chance in the whole affair?  They invoke it when talking about the need for the moral law.  Because a white man broke it, should hundreds of blacks follow suit?

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