The Brain’s Humdrum

One of the functions of the brain is to quash much of the new information so it can make sense out of what is coming in.  Brain life has to have a humdrum so it can predict and expect what is coming next.  According to neuroscientist Karl Friston, too many surprises can kill you, as he says in an article by Brian Gallagher (Nautilus).

We are constantly bombarded by new information, and it is little wonder that people want to dispel the fake news (biased) that even the New York Times readily dispenses.  There are some truths that are not new but eternal.

As for me, I assimilate as much of the news about Covid-19 and the protests as I can tolerate.  I sympathize with the families of those harmed or killed by police mistake, and pray for those who made the mistake.  Any of those could be my brother.

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