The Divorce Solution

Having seen divorces among people I love, I think divorce is something I would have spared them.  In no case was there rampant abuse, which is a case for which divorce is the last resort.  If you are thinking of divorce, consider this:

  1. Don’t divorce your husband because your mother and

sister don’t like him.  You made your decision as an adult. Stick by it.

2. If the wife aborts one of the children of the marriage, remember, St. John, who knew Christ best other than his mother, said “God is Love.” That’s sometimes too tough to follow?

3. Is  your husband a lush?  Alcohol won’t let you see his good side?  The Holy Spirit will.

Not having experienced it, I am no prophet.  I only hope I can struggle with human relations better than in the past, as my simple short solutions imply.  The “God is Love” phrase is of course an abstract (general) one, and can usually include duress.

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