We See Life Incompletely

We See Life Incompletely

His name was Phil Brown, and though we played different positions on our high school varsity basketball team, I thought he just might be the better player of the two of us.  He had a knack for scoring when all the signs of a game were down for us, and I’m sure he kept us from being a losing team.  After high school I lost track of him, though I heard he got a job and got married.

And then he died.  I don’t pretend to understand God’s plans for any of us, even me, but I’m sure it’s something that works our own, feeble human will into the magnificent plans of God.  What results is part of our own doing, though the divine help is probably incalculable.  I mean, just take into account what was asked for and was granted.

I am grateful for what divine Providence did for Phil, and don’t doubt I am ignorant of what resulted in supreme happiness for him.  Never mind that he didn’t see the earthly satisfactions many of my classmates did.  Right now, his life is complete.

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