Evolution definitely is not the denying of religious belief.  True, it shows that the story of the Garden of Eden is not literal truth, but a storytelling device known as allegory.  That means each character represents something, though the role of the Creator speaks for Himself.  The story of evolution, in a rough way, gives us an idea as to how, how the Creator let the living homo sapiens be formed.  For that knowledge we are grateful to Darwin.

That means free will also evolved.  It is possible that free will evolves in the living human being.  For example, nobody would hold a two-year old responsible for pulling the trigger of a handgun he got hold of.  By the same token, someone suffering from dementia is not guilty of everything she says.

So the wonder of it all is how did we arrive where we are able to read this with different levels of comprehension?  How did we even decide to read this?  At this stage, it must surely be free will.

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