I have tried, lately, to be positive: pro-life rather than pro-death, pro-immigrant rather than pro-illegal, pro-civilization rather than pro-Marx.  So I am a Republican.  My family in California is Democrat, except for my youngest brother, Rudy, his wife Karin, my niece Ingrid and her husband, Rodney, and Astrid, Ingrid’s mother.  That’s not a bad group to write for.

When the media (which, of course, are against Trump and therefore Democrat) have found such beautiful words like narcissistic, egoistic, self-centered and impetuous to describe our President, who happens to be Republican, fire all their volleys, there is little left for anyone but a Democrat.  This despite the fact that their candidate is so weak from mourning family deaths and from age-related lapsus memoriae that he cannot even mount a campaign outside Delaware.

Well now, this is a volley from one of the deplorables, or as Obama called us, the clingers, though what I cling to is Western Civilization, and its greatest influence,  Jesus Christ.  I find nothing to be ashamed there.

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