Human Beings

Of all the Creator has made, including such marvels as the pink and golden smoky nebulae against the black backdrop of the emptiness of space, none is more interesting and joyful than the human being.  I think of Peter, the deli manager in the supermarket I frequent.  He recognized me to say hello though I was dressed in a black Covid 19 mask and a low beach sombrero that I never wear in the supermarket.  We always joke at his counter, and the meeting was a joyful coincidence.

Then there’s Alice, who spends long conversations with my wife.  Alice never says good-bye without reminiscing about her departed brother.  He died eight years ago.  She mentions him frequently to my wife, who never speaks of her two dead sons, lost in the prime manhood of their young, beautiful lives.  That’s people.

You can’t get bored with people among whom you interact every day.  Do thank the Giver of these gifts, and ask for the wonderment of a child to appreciate them all.

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