New Friends

Of course, there’s nobody like old friends, but I have some new friends for whom I thank the Creator.  Did anyone ever see the full variety of his people?  First of all there’s Steve, an elderly cashier at the local supermarket. I think they asked him to trim his beard, because the kids would wonder, “What am I getting for Christmas?”  He lives alone in a nearby development, and I was able to help him out twice, for he relies on public transportation.

Then there’s Ernestine, a most cheerful local widow, whom I meet when we both take our morning walk.  She comes originally from Levittown, where I taught, and knew me as a student, though she never had me as a teacher.  She is like a favorite student, because I never felt so successful as when she got my best seller, The Last Torpedo.  I don’t know if she ever read it, but hey, someone gave it to her.

And isn’t that the way of life?  We live in a most fortunate country, despite Covid 19, and work out our salvation among people who already have their heavenly passport.

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