A Beloved Spokesperson

When I was in elementary school, the teachers sometimes relied on me to produce art work for the bulletin boards.  (Nobody knew that I was partially color blind.)  So I developed a taste for art that my loving wife sometimes relies on.  Since I was raised partly Protestant in viewpoint (My good mother gave me her opinions as a good parent) I belatedly developed a love for the Blessed Mother, and have come to admire one statue of her in the vicinity.

It is the statue in the church on Woodbury Rd. (Holy Name of Jesus Parish) and I have never seen such beauty, carved in faux wood, of a young woman as she was when she gave birth to Jesus.  When I ask her intercession, I realize I’m asking another human being who has been favored by God, and in the end, that’s what prayer is all about.

Prayer is personal; it is between God and me.  But I like to think there are entities who whisper for me into the ear of Jesus Christ.

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