My 2nd Convert

Recentlly, I looked up St. Rudolph, and found out that the great legacy of his career was his charitableness, the great munificence of his life.  I like that.  That’s a great way to go.

So that’s my solution.  Recently I’ve been fighting off a lady in the neighborhood tooth and nail, all because I feel a consummate attraction for her.  I’m not winning.  I’ve decided to risk death and damnation by making her my second convert (she’s Episcopalian, and my mother was our first).  How’s that for a quick save?

Fortunately she’s discreet.  Her discretion is the highest I’ve ever encountered in a human being.  All these doings would come back to me with a vengeance, but for the guidance of the Spirit.  It works in others, too.  There’s something to be said for the spiritual life.

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