My son, the ex-banker and successful businessman, made Loretta and me a present of an iPhone, and spent an hour and a half last night explaining how it works.  I am certainly not the first to see his talents—Maria Helena, his mother-in-law (now deceased) spotted him the first time her daughter, Paula, brought him  home.  She started to cook the most fantastic empanadas for him at a later date, not to mention real manly breakfasts.  Well, anyway, he has latched on to Western Civilization’s  latest invention (which the Iranians  and Chinese are desperately trying to copy)—the iPhone.  Now these sell for about $500, but they’re a wonder of technology.

I’m a modest  retired teacher-author who gets along well with a personal computer (PC) but this was a telephone and computer combined on a hand instrument.  I’ve spoken about chance, but this was providence, a reasonably helpful twist of fate, if you will.  I maintain that nothing happens in this universe without a cause, and that goes back to an ultimate cause, if you can’t go back further than the Big Bang.

For having received a son and daughter-in-law like that, I owe the author of Divine  Providence a hundred years at the gospel typewriter, and 2020 is the start.

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