Emotions make life worthwhile, but sometimes threaten to betray us.  If they’re controlled by the outer cortex of the brain, the seat of reasoning, they’re fine and life can go on as we planned.  If they are not controlled – mayhem.  I have seen too many adult males mess up their married home life with an illicit affair or downright abandonment of wife and kids.  Everybody hurts from that.

But let’s look at the bright side.  The role of a novel, or opera, or movie, is to bring into play our emotions in a safe way; thus we don’t make a god out of them.  Knowing how to prioritize, is, of course, a key to a successful life.  Everybody should learn how to do it.

But do we all? The Christian faith helps those who fail, so don’t knock religion.  There are some religions that are really here to serve.

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