Dinner at Tiffany’s

There was a millionaire who went to Tiffany’s to buy himself a Patek Philippe, a Swiss wristwatch that can cost over five thousand dollars.  He bought the watch and as he came out of the store, a vagrant accosted him, asking him for the price of a Big Mac.  The millionaire, whose name was Bull Marquet, sidestepped the vagrant and continued to his limo.

A few days later he was reading the morning papers, and noticed the obituary for his half-brother, illegitimate, as he always said, who had died outside a Manhattan jewelry store.  The cause of death was malnourishment, or starvation.  He recognized the picture, taken in a better day, as that of the vagrant.  He paused.

Life slips by, and the important things we never notice.  A watch is not worth five thousand when compared to a brother’s life.  I have many brothers.

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