Pro-life Evangelicals

What?  Pro-life Evangelicals are for Biden?  They have betrayed the great Evangelical-Catholic block that defeated Hillary and brought prosperity.  Without ruling out the pandemic as an act of God, it is safe to say Trump, the business man, has done fine with the American economy.  His do-it-yourself reform outshines Biden’s hypocritical do-gooder.  (I judge a man by his actions, not his claimed adherence to a particular ideal.)

But did the Pro-life Evangelicals lose heart?  Are they dismayed by a man whose social (rhetorical) behavior is not that to which they are used?  Let them realize the kingdom of God contains an unaccustomed greater variety of people.  As a school teacher I can wait to see the leeway I give to students bear fruit.

In a world where all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds are learning to get along, the Pro-life Evangelicals appear backward.  I would prefer they had  a more  Samaritan attitude.

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