I Believe in…Wow!

Don’t say, “I believe in God.”  Say instead, “I believe in…Wow!”  You believe in Him who can turn you into a sobbing pathetic or a jabbering idiot in minutes!  (The mind is a fragile thing.)  It’s happened to me.

You feel religion is boring, right?  If God impressed only a fourth of his reality on you, you’d be speechless.  We can only take so much; fortunately our circumstances limit us to what we can take.  If life is boring, you can easily change that.  Only don’t let God change it; He may show you what it can be.

At this particular moment I am happy to lead an uneventful life, to go about my prayers and duties, and to wake up every morning to a day of potentiality.  May I be able to help those less fortunate, and may I stay in God’s graces.  That’s not always easy.

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