On Being Hated

It’s not a nice feeling.  I’ve taught in two school districts, and one I was glad to leave because even my chairman hated me.  I couldn’t quite figure out the cause;  what I came up with is not worthy of America.  The chairman came in to observe my teaching the day after the Northeast Coast Blackout back in the sixties and noted that my kids had not done their homework.

I consoled myself with the fact that the greatest humanitarian was hated in some places; it is recorded that the people even tried to stone him.  He changed the face of our civilization.  He was the greatest teacher ever; his name was Jesus Christ.

I’m not going to compare myself to him, other than to say, “Hey, brother, I’m with you.”  He liked the term brother.  So do I, and I am grateful to be able to use it concerning him.

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