A Product of St. Mary’s

He towered above the average man, a presence who demanded immediate respect.  He just now walked into the sunset, still looking like the man women loved to follow—if they didn’t know how he did things.

Give him a problem: Iraq had people dying of poisoning before the invasion by U.S. troops.  Iraq paid money to find out what was causing it.  He, a toxicologist, went with State Department approval and found out the Iraqis had ground up seed wheat to make bread.  The seed wheat, acquired from the U.S., had been treated with methyl mercury to forestall rotting before planting.  That solved, he headed his jeep to the forbidden north of Iraq.  His new bride went with him, safe in his care.

His first wife had left him; such actions were beyond her.  This one was loyal.  At 81 it was time to go, into the sunset.  He was my little brother.

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