The Long-Sufferer

One student in particular was unattentive to or ignorant of the nun’s age.  She walked with a hitch and her habit could not hide a few gray hairs.  But Damon compared her to some of the younger nuns he’d had, who spotted everything as though they had eyes on the back of their heads, and put a stop to mischief.  This elderly Sister Marie’s voice was even slower, as were all her movements.

She sought help from the only succor she knew, her divine Lord.  She stood Damon up against the wall of the classroom and asked him to recite the Our Father.  Some of the students, wise in the ways of the world, but incompletely schooled, said it was an exorcism.  It didn’t take.

Her travail came to an end with the school year.  Damon went on to higher grades and eventually high school, where he played football but got a beating (for mistreating that teacher?) from boys who didn’t even know her.  Life just evens out that way.

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