The Hard and the Fast

I always wondered why the Virgin of Fatima, known as Our Lady, asked those three little children to do penance (give up candy, do an extra chore for Dad) and now I know why.  We have so many CINOs (Christians in name only) walking about.  The secular world thinks it’s all right to have sex with anybody they like, married or not.  I don’t think they know what adultery means.

We live in a free-wheeling secular society, where people like Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo can butter up the Catholics before  the inauguration with prayer meetings, but be definitely pro-abortion.  They may not know the meaning of Thou Shalt Not Kill, but I KNOW the meaning of hypocrite.

I like to enjoy the joys of life, but when war comes, the people who win are the hard and fast.  Too many joys can make you soft.  I’ll do penance this Lent.

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