First Love

When I was in first grade, my eye was immediately caught by a tall girl with blonde pig tails.  She had the same last name as I, though she was of no relation.  I was intrigued by her beauty, and was just itching to get her attention.  But whether she did it purposely or not, she never looked my way.

Nowadays I still believe in the innocence of first graders, but standing outside the school door one day at dismissal, she was talking with some of her friends.   She was on a raised, three step concrete podium that led to the main stairs that led down to the highway.  Tired of being ignored, I went and pushed her down those three steps – yes, pushed her down the stairs.  And she was my first love!

When the discussion comes up of original sin, I know of the malevolent instincts we all hide.  I am grateful for a place called confession where I can go and tell God I’ll try to be more honorable the next time.

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